Ministry of Law: An Innovation Case Study


Ministry of Law engaged Everest Innovation Pte Ltd to create awareness, to train their managers and staff on innovation and to generate workable ideas for their Innovation Festival. Their theme was to DREAM, BUILD and CONQUER.

We delivered:

  • A series of nine “Innovative Dream” seminars to several hundred MinLaw staffs to create awareness and to inspire them to form Innovation Teams. (DREAM)
  • A series of seven “Innovation Workshops” to train the Innovation Teams to create ideas, select ideas and incubate ideas. More than 5000 ideas were generated by the participants during the workshops. (BUILD)
  • A series of eleven coaching sessions to coach each team on how to present and sell their innovative ideas /projects to senior management
  • One big Marketplace Event officiated by Minister of Law, Prof Jayakumar and Senior Minister of State, Prof Oh Peng Kee. This was a fun-filled exciting event where the eleven teams showcased their innovative ideas and competed for the support and Management Buy-In. This event was resounding success, It was attended by more than 300 staffs from MinLaw and guests from the other ministries. (CONQUER the Marketplace)

Time Period:

  • April – July 2003
  • See specific success stories:
    • Land Over Canal
    • A Land without Road
    • Chicken Rice Idea