Innovation Success Stories – The Land without Roads

The Challenge:

All great ideas began with a dream.

Another team from Singapore Land Authority had a dream of a land where children could run free, a beautiful land where its citizen and tourist could have fun, shop and play without the fear of a road accident or the nuisance of traffic pollution. You see, in their dreams, this land we called home, has no road.

How did our Consultants value-add?

Excited by their dreams, the team built a scaled-down model of Orchard Road, with Orchard Road itself underground. Being technically trained, the team did a detailed feasibility study and financial costing. They encountered the difficulty of high costs of their projects and did not know how to justify to their senior management.

With the help of our Everest trainer, the team was coached on:

  • How to examine the project from different perspectives
  • Understand the different ways to quantify value and
  • How sell their innovative dream to the management

The Innovative Achievement:

On the day of Marketplace, they sold their dreams to the judges and management very well, winning them the SECOND BEST INNOVATION IDEA Award.

They also won an invitation to present to THE ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE committee.

One of the MinLaw directors was so convinced that she said “I voted for the Roadless Land ldea. It’s going to take a lot of money, but over a long term, it’s worth it”. Well done team!