Innovation Success Stories – The Chicken Rice Idea

Challenge: How to transform a weak idea into an award winning idea

How did our Consultant value-add?

During one of the Innovation workshop, a junior clerk in MinLaw suggested an idea about sharing information like “Where is the best chicken rice stall in Singapore?”. Another team member excitedly joined in on “the best cha-kuay-teow stall”. But information like these was not of any value to MinLaw and the management would not fund it.

Our Everest trainer coached them on:

    • How to use the idea to focus on critical knowledge sharing rather than “Best Chicken Rice”.
    • How to focus on the Most Critical Needs of the organization
    • Calculating the different ways this project will save the organization money
    • How to justify the cost of investment to their senior management

The Innovative Achievement:

Using the methodology taught in the workshop, the team developed the idea into a MinLaw-wide Knowledge Base System, where staffs and managers would share critical information throughout the ministry. This knowledge base would save the ministry hundreds of thousands of dollars in productivity gain, ease of information search and elimination of duplication of knowledge creation.

This idea, despite its humble origin, won the THIRD PRIZE in the Marketplace.