Innovation Success Stories – Land over Canal

THE CHALLENGE: To create more land for Singapore

After a training session, a young lady approached our Everest trainer and said that she was deeply inspired by the DREAM Innovative Seminars. However, she did not have a good idea to contribute as she was only an Administrative Assistant. When asked what her strength was, she replied that she could communicate well. So our trainer match-made her with a techie team, who had lots of ideas, but were unpolished in their presentation skills.

Her team, all from Singapore Land Authority, had a mission to create more land for Singapore.


Using the innovation methodology taught during the workshop, we brainstormed:

  • Land over Land,
  • Land under Land,
  • LAND besides Water,
  • Land over Water, etc.

We finally came out with a breakthrough idea of creating LAND OVER CANAL.

If the team could create valuable land over useless canal space, the team could use the extra land for commercial activities; build shops, playgrounds, jogging tracks, as well as bicycle or motorcycle lanes along the canal. During the Marketplace Event, she captured the attention of the management, charmed the hearts of the judges with her enthusiasm and excellent presentation.


The “Land over Canal” project won the prestigious Best Innovative Idea Award during the Marketplace Event. The idea was so good that it was featured in The Straits Times’ front page, with the headline: “Coming to a Canal Near YOU”.

For the young girl who began with no idea, this project has changed her life because it gave her a platform to prove her worth to the management.

For the team, this project took their ideas to new heights because of the management visibility and endorsement.